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We apologise for the lack of updates for the past Four plus years but access to this site and its attached email account had been blocked without warning and for no apparent reason by the previous owner. Following the takeover by EE the email has suddenly started to work again (although we can only view the last 1000 mails - mostly SPAM) and we can now access the web site.

A lot has change in the past years; a major update had just been started to update the photos as many are of poor quality but was not completed, and we have digressed more towards Wargaming than Slot Cars.

If this not a fluke and we are allowed continuous access we will revamp the whole site and probably start again. At the present time we have not decided if Slot Cars will continue to play a part.

We hope to relaunched before the end of the year!

JAK - April 2015

The Cars

MG K3 Prototype MG K3 1933 MG K3 1934 MG K3 'Bira' Dick Seaman
MG TC T Racer   MG TD MG TD mkII
MGB MGC Spridget Midget MG 1300
MG Metro MG Metro Turbo MG 6R4 Prototype MG 6R4 wrong? MG 6R4 correct?
MG Maestro Maestro 1600 Maestro 2.0i Maestro Race Car Maestro - Buzby
  MG Lola 2001 MG Lola 2002 MG Lola 2003
MGF   MG Mini ? Caterham MG

MG K3 Prototype

on its way to Italy

Other Makes
includes Lotus

Welcome to our small world of MG racing. It started with a present of a secondhand Scalextric Mighty Metro set and has grown from there. There have been a few commercial MG models with the Scalextric Metro, Maestro and Lola being the most commonly still available. Team Slot make a poor 6R4 and there are a small number of plastic kits that have or will be converted to slot cars. Due to a very limited budget, cars have mainly been obtained from car boot sales and the like with a few new parts to replace worn and damaged items. Most models are based on Scalextric originals but other makes like Ninco and SCX have been obtained via the internet and models have been based on these, some using the Ninco Classic Wire Wheels, like the MG TD. Scalextric pre-war wire wheels make early MGs possible although the actual wheel size is too small.


1/32 scale slot or static models of MGs that we don't have, in any condition. If you can help please contact JAK at ufo@(REMOVE)
delete (REMOVE) before using email

Sean has provided help over the years both with parts and helpful advice on scratchbuilds. He provides a quick and easy mail order service.

Something new in the Slot Car world

Patto's Place for Decals and vacumn bodies of many types of cars.

He created the additional decals required to model the No. 34 2001 Le Mans Lola






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