This site is in the main my interpretation of the characters from the discworld books. The characters are built to a 25/30mm wargamer scale and were inspired by clarecraft's, now 'oop', pewter range of collectors figures. I hope this site will be of interest to all who Enjoy Discworld but in particularly those who collect these figures or use them in wargames or role-plays (like Games Workshop's Warhammer & Mordhiem and GURP's Discworld).

Click on the place names to see characters from these areas, Figures for details of clarecraft's original castings and Games for additional rules based on Warhammer and Mordheim. The box on the right has general advice and guidance about making or painting any type of figure in this scale.

I have recently started to make a wargaming army based on the armies mentioned in the books. Information on these can be found via the boxed link "military units". this also explains why there has been little work recently on the character pages and references are now a few books behind the published series.

We apologise for the lack of updates for the past Four plus years but access to this site and its attached email account had been blocked without warning and for no apparent reason by the previous owner. Following the takeover by EE the email has suddenly started to work again (although we can only view the last 1000 mails mostly SPAM) and we can now access the web site.

A lot has change in the past years; a major update had just been started to update the photos as many are of poor quality but was not completed, and we have digressed more towards the Armies of Discworld rather than individual figures.

If this not a fluke and we are allowed continuous access we will revamp the whole site and start again. Hopefully

The United Armies of the Discworld

will be launched before the end of the year!

JAK April 2015



The Army

of Lancre
Ankh-Morpork The City Watch Unseen University Figures - where to buy and modeling guide Sorry but this picture doesn't always show and I can not work out why Games Rest of DiscworldDEATH Buildings
Advice on creating your own Figures
Bases and Dioramas


Military Units

Units and weapons of war for Warhammer - including rules for an Ankh-Morpork/Discworld style army of the post Jingo period.

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 Discworld Artwork of Paul Kidby

Children's Circle
by Terry Pratchett
"Between the 8th of October 1965 and the 17th of July 1970, acclaimed fantasy author Terry Pratchett wrote stories for the Bucks Free Press newspaper which were published weekly, sometimes in episodic format. They were printed in the Children's Circle section, written under the pseudonym of Uncle Jim. His style of writing and humour are easily recognisable in places. In total, Terry wrote about 250 episodes for the Children's Circle section of the Bucks Free Press. These stories have never before been accessible outside of the original issues of the newspapers they were printed in, and now, due to a collaboration between the Bucks Free Press and the Friends of High Wycombe Libraries, this website will make all of these stories available. This is sure to be an exciting opportunity for enthusiasts to see some of Terry Pratchett's early works."

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The Legal Bit - Acknowledgements, Apologises and Disclaimers (as required (quite strongly by one) of the many companies who use the web)

Special thanks to :-

  • Terry Pratchett, for writing the books in the first place.
  • Bernard Pearson, a great influence on making all things Discworldly.
  • Paul Kidby for giving permission for the use of his designs on some of my own figures.
  • Daniel Knight for allowing the use of ideas and designs from his Troll Bridge film.
  • Sally Couch, former MD of Clarecraft for giving permission for the use of their images on these pages. Unfortunately Clarecraft is no longer in business.

This site is intended to be an enjoyable resource for all. It is entirely free and all pictures and content, unless otherwise stated, are owned and protected under the copyright laws by me. Materials on this web site shall not be duplicated without written consent of the author.

During the period I have been modelling I have looked at the official Kidby and Kirby pictures, Clarecrafts figures both large and small, as well as reading the Discworld books themselves to combine all available information together to create what I consider to be as near accurate characters as I can. I have also recorded notes, quotations and extracts from other web sites. It is possible that in my design notes there may be direct copies of other people's work. My apologies if this is so.

I have no connection with any of the businesses mentioned in these pages and the website is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by any of them. It is not my intention to infringe on any copyright or trademark (Warhammer, Citadel, Games Workshop, Golden Demon, Leman Russ and Mordheim are trademarks of Games Workshop Limited) which may have been used without the owner's permission. No challenge to their status is intended.

If anyone feels that I have infringed on his or her work let me know and I will check my source and correct as necessary.

My only contacts with any of the people or companies mentioned - other than as a customer of their products is:-

  • I have met Terry and Bernard and their comments have been helpful in interpretating the books and their products.
  • I have met Trish Baker, Sally and Andy, and Elton Murphy of Clarecraft in the final year or so it was in business and shown them some of my figures. It was one of Elton's comments that led to the full series of Angua figures which in turn influenced one of the last Clarecraft figures issued - DW166 Angua Mid Change.
  • As a past Golden Demon winner I have visited the Games Workshop Design Studio. I also support as many of the events held at my local Games Workshop store as possible, and have painted figures for their display cabinet.

Comments, suggestions etc. welcome to JAK at ufoat(REMOVE)area51b.freeserve.co.uk delete (REMOVE) before using email


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