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Our apologises for any confusion our reorganisation may have caused but it has been necessary to make this change due to the expansion of some of the subjects.

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Discworld in Miniature

30mm scale figures and buildings  from Mr Pratchett's Fantasy World.
It started with Clarecraft's Pewter range and has grown from there.

MG Hot Slots

New and old MG cars recreated in a Scalextric world - Contains many commercial and scratchbuilt models with articles on how the cars were built.


We apologize for the loss of Spooky2, which is more than the bean counters at YAHOO did.

When trying to update we discovered that they have pulled the plug on all Geocities web sites and didn't bother too tell their users.

Thanks for nothing YAHOO

Hopefully we will return with a more reliable provider.



An ever growing collection of OOAK babies made by Didy Jacobsen.

Dad's Bears

A selection of fine bears from various sources mainly Artist one of a kind with a few Commercial ones and even some he made himself.

The other dolls

The other dolls from our collection, mainly by Sissle B. Skille for Gotz. Many now for Sale

The dolls house

A long and slow process which may develop.

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If you're wondering about the name we once had an interest in Fox Mulder, but we're better now if we keep taking the dried frog pills'

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