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This was a group of three web sites.

Our apologises for any confusion caused over the past five years the lack of access to our sites and the loss of server hosts  may have caused but it was all done without our  knowledge, without any prior warning and without any reason or explanation being given after the events.

Only SPOOKY 1  is still available and is now in the process of being revamped.










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Why use a laptop with only half a screen or even worse a mobile or tablet where you can't see the detail.

The Smoldering puzuma

The armies of the Discworld based on  those mentioned in Mr Pratchett's Fantasy World. With suggested rules to enable them to see action in the Warhammer universe.

MG Hot Slots

Vintage and old MG cars recreated in a Scalextric world - Contains many commercial and scratchbuilt models with articles on how the cars were built.
We apologize for the loss of Spooky 2 and 3, which is more than the bean counters at YAHOO did.

When they closed their Geocities web sites they didn't bother too tell their users.

Thanks for nothing YAHOO.

We believe the host of Spooky 3 has gone bust -  the site just disappeared off the web and so did they.

Following our four year exile from this website we thank  for granting us access again.

We still do not know why access to this site and its attached email account had been blocked without warning and for no apparent reason by the previous owner.

Many things have changed over the intervening years and our inability to replace the poor quality photos of the original site and update with new figures has meant that we have digressed  more towards wargaming and making units based on the armies mentioned in the Discworld novels rather than individual characters.

We have therefore taken the decision to start again this time concentrating on the armies and their possible use in wargaming. (that means we've suggested some rules based on past and present Warhammer ones but offer no guarantee that they will work, will provided a balanced army, have a Discworldly feel or that your opponent will let you use them.

There will still be characters and the full Watch will reappear in Sir Samuel Vimes' First of Foot.

We have a number of completed units but we do not intend to post all at once as they still have to be photographed and have their pages created.

If more than two months pass without an update you may however have to assume that have followed the previous owners lead and  done the dirty and pulled the plug again.

JAK - April 2015 

The Legal Bit (as required by many companies who use the web)

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I have no connection with any of the businesses mentioned in these pages and the website is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by any of them. It is not my intention to infringe on any copyright or trademark (Warhammer, Citadel, Games Workshop, Golden Demon, Leman Russ and Mordheim etc. are trademarks of Games Workshop Limited) which may have been used without the owner's permission. No challenge to their status is intended.

If anyone feels that I have infringed on his or her work let me know and I will check my source and correct as necessary.

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